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Thigh Lift



The ratio of muscle and fat on the thighs is generally proportional during your youth, but as you age, you begin to lose muscle tone and elasticity in your skin. Cellulite and fat cells also begin to accumulate and detract from the appearance of your thighs.

On the other hand, your hard work at diet and exercise may have achieved your fat loss goals, but instead of a slimmer figure, you now have excess skin. Losing an extensive amount of weight can create hanging skin, which can make it difficult to enjoy your renewed appearance.

If you are dissatisfied with the muscle tone and appearance of your thighs, you may benefit from thigh lift surgery.


Thigh lift surgery will address the excess skin that results from natural aging or significant weight loss. Although diet and exercise are effective ways to improve muscle tone, they rarely increase the elasticity of the skin. While some may achieve noticeable results with an exercise routine, others will struggle with the lack of change.

Dr. Williams can discuss the option of plastic surgery to give you the shapely legs you want, and he can design a treatment plan that rejuvenates your appearance with minimal downtime. If you have a desire to achieve firm and toned thighs and don’t like the way they look now, then thigh surgery may be right for you.

You can learn more about your options with thigh lift surgery by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Williams. Together, you can discuss your individual concerns and determine the best way to trim away excess skin. After a physical exam, Dr. Williams can design a treatment plan that specifically targets the imperfections you are facing.

Before you receive a thigh lift, it’s beneficial to be at a stable weight so that you receive the full benefits of surgery. Losing additional weight after your thigh lift could result in further skin laxity and require re-treatment.

It’s also important to note that thigh lift surgery will only target excess skin and will not include significant fat removal; however, additional treatment with liposuction or ThermiTight will be able to contour the thighs to your desired shape.*


Dr. Williams implements several techniques to achieve the results that align with your cosmetic goals and the silhouette of your thighs. Depending on their current size and shape along with the amount of skin present, Dr. Williams may recommend one or more incisions to accommodate the proportions of your body.

The surgical procedure will include inner, mini, bilateral and medial thigh lifts that each work to remove skin and fat from multiple areas of the thigh. Based on the examination during your consultation, Dr. Williams will recommend the best technique and ensure that you experience minimal downtime once your surgery is complete.

If you would like more information about thigh lift surgery, or to find out whether the procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Williams at 702-259-3223 and schedule a consultation.


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