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Three Reasons to Book a ThermiVa Treatment

Few aspects of our lives offer us as much joy, comfort and connection as physical intimacy. A satisfying sex life benefits you, your partner and your relationship. Conversely, when you experience problems with intimacy, the negative impact can cause equal amounts of unhappiness, strain and frustration. Health problems which affect physical intimacy don’t just impair your sex life, but your entire well-being.

Many factors can contribute to a less than satisfying sex life. Childbirth can adversely affect the tightness of your vaginal walls, increasing their looseness. Also as you age, you may experience increased dryness and pain during sex or an increase in vaginal sweating or incontinence. If these symptoms haven’t affected your sex life, they may leave you feeling uncomfortable or even embarrassed.

Fortunately, you have many options available if you suffer from any of these issues, and many do not involve surgery, downtime or discomfort. You have much to gain by improving the quality of your sex life. ThermiVa, a minimally-invasive procedure, can help you resolve many of these common problems and increase your and your partner’s satisfaction.* Consider the following benefits and advantages of a ThermiVa procedure.

ThermiVa Produces Results With Minimal Risks*

ThermiVa offers a solution to many naturally occurring vaginal symptoms with minimal risks.* ThermiVa works by activating collagen in the vaginal walls and labia.* The increase in collagen helps strengthen and tighten your tissues by increasing both healthy cell production and blood flow.* Healthier cells function better, and you will experience that improvement as many age and stress-related symptoms gradually begin to diminish or disappear.* Since the procedure works by activating your body’s collagen production, ThermiVa patients face fewer risks compared to patients electing more invasive procedures. Once activated, the natural collagen in your body produces the healthier results you desire over time, without surgery or ablation.*

ThermiVa Treats More Than Vaginal Looseness*

While you may have first considered ThermiVa for vaginal looseness, the procedure remedies many additional concerns. Patients have reported an improvement in a wide range of symptoms ranging from labial laxity, vaginal dryness, vaginal sweating, occasional incontinence and pain during intercourse to difficulty achieving orgasm.* Since ThermiVa increases collagen presence which supports all aspects of your tissues, you will experience benefits to the overall health and function of your treated areas.* Further, while doctors recommend three treatments administered over 90 days, many women achieve their desired results after a single treatment and often after only a few days.*

ThermiVa Fits Your Busy Lifestyle

ThermiVa offers one of the quickest, most convenient and cost-effective cosmetic treatments available today. Each of your three ThermiVa treatments will take only 30 minutes to complete. Immediately post-procedure you can return to your normal schedule and even have sexual intercourse. You will receive one treatment every 30 days for a total of three treatments. If you respond well, your doctor may recommend additional treatments after a year or merely as needed.

You may also most likely find the procedure comfortable and relaxing. Your doctor will administer the radio-frequency energy using a thin, long wand. The wand will have a small square applicator tip which will deliver the right amount of radio-frequency energy to the desired locations in a controlled fashion. Built-in sensors ensure you receive only safe amounts of radio-frequency energy and that you feel no discomfort during your visit.

ThermiVa — an easy and effective treatment for your vaginal concerns*

No procedure works for everyone or fixes every problem. However, ThermiVa offers a treatment solution that may benefit you if you suffer from vaginal laxity.* Not only will you tend to experience improved firmness of the vaginal walls and labial skin, which improves your sensation and satisfaction during sex, but you will also typically enjoy improvements to other frequently encountered problems.*

The many benefits of the procedure along with its minimally-invasive nature make it a logical first step if you want results without surgery, and you may find that you don’t need additional procedures after ThermiVa.* Best of all, you and your partner can experience the physical and emotional rewards of a satisfying sex life again.*

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