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If you are looking for the most efficient way to reduce unwanted body fat, you are not alone. Plenty of individuals have become frustrated with their current diet and exercise routine and are looking for the next best method to achieve an attractive body contour.

When traditional wight-loss techniques have failed to produce the results you want, it’s time to consider cosmetic enhancement as a treatment option. Dr. Carl N. Williams offers laser technology from SculpSure, performed by his highly experienced nurse, Nicole, to bring you a minimally invasive and highly effective fat reduction method.*

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is the first laser lipolysis treatment to be approved by the FDA. Using light-based technology at a 1060nm wavelength, the SculpSure system targets unwanted pockets of fat in and around the flanks and abdomen.*

In just one 25-minute treatment session, you can achieve fat reduction in multiple areas of the abdomen that continues to metabolize over time.* SculpSure works on all skin types and colors and is effective on several different body types. It has become one of the most efficient nonsurgical methods to reduce stubborn body fat to date.*

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How Does the System Work?

To ensure the most desirable aesthetic, SculpSure uses non-suction contouring frames that Nicole places flat on specific regions of the abdomen. Each frame can be configured to address your individual concerns, making the laser treatment customizable to your unique treatment plan and cosmetic goals. Your nurse will begin your procedure by marking the areas of your body requiring treatment and choosing the frame that will provide the best result.

Once Nicole positions the frames, the SculpSure applicator begins to emit laser light that penetrates deep into the dermal layer of skin and heats it to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With its attraction to subcutaneous fat, SculpSure raises the temperature to a controlled level that allows for the immediate destruction of fat cells while an integrated cooling system keeps you comfortable during the procedure.* Over time, your lymphatic system will continue to eliminate the unwanted fat from your body, which is when you will begin to notice significant results.*

The SculpSure system is safe and efficient due to its regulatory database that allows Nicole to provide only a controlled amount of heat to the skin. Once your single treatment session is complete, you can return to your daily routine immediately.

Are You a Candidate for SculpSure?

Your consultation with Nicole will allow you to decide whether treatment with SculpSure is right for you. Nicole will examine the quality of your skin and the regions of fatty deposits you are interested in removing and design a treatment plan that addresses your aesthetic goals.

Nicole has the skill and knowledge necessary to outline a personal treatment plan tailored to each detail of your body so that you receive the most natural result. Her bedside manner and patient-centered approach to treatment creates unique results that benefit your quality of life. Along with her clinical expertise, she also maintains a relaxing persona that will help you feel comfortable during treatment.

Candidates for SculpSure are those who have stubborn regions of either pinchable or non-pinchable fat that has not responded to diet or exercise. It is also an ideal option for those not interested in undergoing surgery. Like many fat reduction techniques, SculpSure is not a replacement for weight-loss and should only be administered when you have reached a healthy weight.

The side effects of SculpSure are minimal and include soreness in the abdominal region similar to what you might feel after a core workout; however, any discomfort that you may experience will subside in a day or two. After several weeks, you will begin to notice slight changes in your body contour with full results appearing after a few months.* Once your body has recovered completely, you can determine whether you need additional treatment to enhance your physique even further.

The short duration of your treatment session with SculpSure makes the procedure suitable for busy schedules and an active lifestyle. Most patients who receive SculpSure treatment will read a book, check their phones or take a nap during their quick 25-minute session. It’s that easy to reduce fat and achieve the body you love!*

For more information about SculpSure or to find out whether the procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Carl N. Williams at 702-259-3223 and schedule a consultation.


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