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Chin Surgery



When you think of facial rejuvenation, you might first consider the aging qualities that are apparent on your skin. Fine lines and deeper wrinkles are some of the first concerns that patients want to address with cosmetic treatment.

Your facial aesthetic has a lot to do with specific features, such as your nose, cheeks and chin, along with the effects of natural aging. When your facial features look symmetrical, your appearance is considered standard or even beautiful, but when one or more features seems too large or small, then your face may look unbalanced.

Correcting the symmetry of your face can involve several procedures, including chin surgery. Although you may not think that your chin enhances the shape and profile of your face, it contributes notably to your overall appearance.


Chin surgery consists of three techniques that work to improve the aesthetics of the chin. You may receive an augmentation to elongate or widen the chin, which usually involves an implant, or you may require a chin reduction to help your chin look streamlined with the rest of your face. Chin surgery is also a possibility if you are experiencing health issues related to your teeth and jaws.

Dr. Williams performs cosmetic chin enhancement for patients who are looking to achieve greater facial harmony. Due to heredity, the chin can either appear too large or small compared to the rest of the face. To improve your facial balance, Dr. Williams may recommend chin surgery as a treatment option.


Like most cosmetic procedures, chin surgery must be completely customized to the contour of your face to create the utmost symmetry. Whether you desire an augmentation or reduction, the sculpting technique and any implant used will be tailored to your facial characteristics and cosmetic goals.

To learn more about your expectations for surgery and determine the best surgical method for your needs, Dr. Williams will consult with you to understand your concerns. By evaluating the shape of your face, the way your head falls, and the way you smile or frown, Dr. Williams can design a surgical plan that beautifully frames your facial features.

For further enhancement, Dr. Williams may suggest rhinoplasty in addition to chin surgery. It’s not uncommon for both the nose and chin to be asymmetrical. By enhancing both, you can achieve full facial harmony.


Depending on your particular procedure, Dr. Williams may make incisions either underneath the chin or inside of the mouth where the gums and lower lips touch. During an augmentation, Dr. Williams will expand the tissues to make room for a custom implant. If you are receiving a reduction, however, Dr. Williams will sculpt the bone to an appealing shape.

Once your surgery is complete, Dr. Williams will close the incision using sutures and apply a dressing that you will wear for one or two days. You will also receive detailed recovery instructions that explain how to care for your incisions during the healing process.

Chewing and swallowing may be difficult for a few days after surgery, but as you continue to recover, your bite gradually return to normal. For more information about chin surgery or to find out whether the procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Williams at 702-259-3223 and schedule a consultation.


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