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Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

Your hands are one of the most utilized parts of your body, but it is easy to take them for granted. It’s not until you sustain an injury that you realize how essential your hands really are.

When you lose functionality in your hands, whether through disease, congenital deformity or injury, you also lose your ability to live the life that you’re used to. What were once simple tasks, like eating or talking on the phone, now take effort and cause pain.

Enduring a wound of any kind, even if it doesn’t occur on your hands, fingers or wrists, can put your life on hold. Dr. Williams has more than 30 years of experience in treating serious injuries of the hand with surgical intervention

Although remedying your injury with painkillers may suppress symptoms, they will not target the source of the issue. Often, the most effective treatment method is to receive hand surgery.

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When to Receive Hand Surgery

Injuries happen frequently and can occur in the workplace, at home or during physical activity. Your hands can easily bruise, sprain or break if pushed too hard and can also become prone to stress if they make repetitive motions.

With continued strain, your hands may lose their strength and flexibility, resulting in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis and Dupuytren’s contracture as well as trigger finger, tendon and nerve damage, a loss of circulation and basal joint arthritis.

It’s possible for these condition to occur due to a sudden accident or injury or from stress over time. Eventually, they can impair your functionality during your everyday life. No matter the cause, your pain warrants surgery, which will help you regain a sense of freedom and normalcy.

Your Consultation with Dr. Williams

All surgical procedures should be tailored to your unique characteristics, but hand surgery is particularly individualized. Your treatment plan will be specific to the condition or trauma you are experiencing, and the procedural goal will attempt to return all function to that region of your body.

The most intricate part of surgery is choosing the proper technique. Dr. Williams will carefully evaluate your condition and assess your motor function to determine the severity of your injury. Whether or not you are receiving emergency services, Dr. Williams and his staff will take the time to discuss your lifestyle and ways to prevent injuries from happening in the future.

If you have been the victim of trauma, Dr. Williams will map out the most useful way to repair tendons and ligaments to help you maintain the look and purpose of your hands. Dr. Williams is incredibly detailed in his technique and works tirelessly to produce a functional and aesthetically-pleasing result.*

Hand surgery is complex but highly effective, if performed by an experienced and compassionate physician. Dr. Williams is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with the added qualification in surgery of the hand. He has performed hundreds of hand procedures that have restored significant quality of life to his patients.