A Guide to Breast Augmentation Recovery

After a breast augmentation surgery, you will want to start enjoying your results right away. You probably have waited a long time to have your surgery, and now that you have, you probably feel more excited than ever. However, breast augmentation, like all surgeries, will require that you take some time to allow your body to recover and regain optimal health.

Recovery plays a vital role in the success of any surgery, including breast augmentation, and in getting you the results you want. Further, much of what happens during recovery happens in your own home and under your control. As a result, you can positively influence the results you have — or adversely impact them — depending on what you do during this time.

Fortunately, by taking a few simple steps before your surgery, and following a few simple guidelines after it, you can ensure a safe and healthy recovery that will help ensure you get a great result and that you can enjoy your new look quickly. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will provide you with their list of specific guidelines to follow, of course, and they will typically include many of the following tips.

First, what will happen immediately after my surgery?

In most cases, you will get to return home the same day as your breast augmentation procedure, following a brief post-surgery observation period. Per Dr. Williams’ instructions, you will wear a compression garment over your bandages to protect your incisions and provide additional comfort during your recovery.

Pain and swelling is a natural but temporary occurrence after surgery, and at this time you will begin taking pre-prescribed pain medication to increase your comfort. However, you can further improve the comfort of the remainder of your recovery at home if you prepare your home for this stage in advance.

Prepare Your Home so You Can Stay Nourished, Rest and Heal

Several things you can do can make your recovery at home easier, more comfortable and safer, and adequately preparing your home won’t be difficult, either. For example, having an ample number of pillows available for support can make you much more comfortable while you rest. Also, having clean towels and dressings on-hand can make taking care of your incisions much easier and faster since you won’t have to locate these items.

Pre-prepared meals for you or your helpers to warm up for you will help ensure you get the nutrition you need to heal without extra hassle. Gathering good books or movies to watch before your surgery can keep you well entertained while at home. For additional peace of mind, have your medications close by you and your surgeon’s telephone number should you have a question.

Don’t rush your recovery!

Every woman heals at her own pace. You might heal quickly and begin enjoying your results sooner, while others will take more time to resume their normal activities. Whichever person you are, don’t rush your recovery. Heavy lifting can increase your blood pressure, impact your incisions and affect your results. Strenuous exercise can have similar consequences. After 72 hours, you can carefully resume some of your light, regular activities, but you should pay close attention to how you feel and take on new physical activities gradually.

You should plan on continuing to limit more vigorous activities for at least the first 15 days after your procedure. Heavy lifting, however, should wait six weeks or until your surgeon gives their approval. In fact, if you want to recover more quickly, one of the best actions you can take is just to get more rest. Your body always needs adequate sleep to stay healthy, and this is especially true after surgery.

Stay in Touch With Your Doctor

Your board-certified plastic surgeon can be a great resource during your recovery. If you have questions during your recovery, call your surgeon to discuss your issues. Addressing anything that comes up during your recovery right away can help eliminate problems. Also, visit with your surgeon for your follow-up appointments as planned.

Your surgeon has years of experience performing breast augmentation procedures and can quickly detect problems which you may not readily notice; this step can be key in helping ensure your results. In the majority of cases, your surgeon will be able to confirm that you are healing well after a brief exam which will give you greater peace of mind for the balance of your recovery.

Schedule Today for Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Call Dr. Carl Williams today at (702) 299-6624 to discuss your breast augmentation in more detail and get answers to other questions you may have about recovery. A breast augmentation procedure can help many women safely achieve their aesthetic goals and enjoy long-lasting results.* You deserve a look that will increase your confidence and help you look and feel your very best. Dr. Williams looks forward to being your trusted partner in this process.

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