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AGNES RF Microneedling: The Breakthrough Acne Treatment You Haven’t Tried

AGNES RF Microneedling: The Breakthrough Acne Treatment You Haven’t Tried

Acne is embarrassing at any age. If you suffer from acne, chances are you’ve tried washes, creams, serums, and other topical treatments to erase your pimples. 

While these therapies work for some people, for many others, their acne keeps coming back. Oral medications may offer some help, but they don’t work for everyone and may come with serious side effects.

At Carl N. Williams, Jr. M.D. Hand and Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada, our providers have a better way to erase your acne — permanently. The AGNES RF microneedling system offers a safe and effective treatment for even the most stubborn acne breakouts. Here’s what you need to know about this breakthrough treatment. 

What is AGNES RF for acne? 

AGNES is a revolutionary medical treatment that uses tiny needles that are too small to cause bleeding to penetrate your skin and deliver radiofrequency (RF) energy to the precise points below your skin that trigger stubborn acne. 

The system used in this nonsurgical treatment gives your provider unparalleled control over how much energy reaches the lower levels of your skin while avoiding the uppermost layers of tissue. In other words, the treatment doesn’t affect your outer layer of skin.

The AGNES system has nine different needle sizes with varying degrees of insulation. Each single-use needle is specially designed to treat different skin conditions and areas of your body, while the insulation protects the surrounding skin and tissue.

What makes AGNES different from other acne treatments? 

Unlike other acne treatments, AGNES targets the cause of stubborn acne by destroying the glands that cause the skin condition in the first place. 

Acne most commonly develops when your sebaceous (oil) glands get blocked by a buildup of a waxy substance called sebum and other skin debris such as dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt. Different factors trigger the conditions that lead to blocked oil glands and extra debris, including:

Addressing these underlying triggers does help some people. But many others find that their acne persists despite switching soaps, making dietary changes, or even using special anti-acne products.

AGNES targets specific sebaceous glands. Once they’re destroyed, your acne improves. What’s more? For most patients, the treatment prevents future breakouts. 

What are treatments with AGNES like?

Each AGNES treatment session requires two appointments. 

When you come in for your first appointment, your provider at Carl N. Williams, Jr. M.D. Hand and Plastic Surgery starts by applying a local numbing agent to keep you comfortable. Next, we clean your skin and extract any excess sebum from your hair follicles. 

Once your skin is prepared, your provider inserts the microneedle into the hair follicles to reach the sebaceous gland and delivers the RF energy. This destroys the glands causing your acne. 

At your second appointment the next day, your provider applies another RF current to loosen surface debris and impurities, and we clean your skin. Each session takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area and severity of your acne. 

You may need more than one treatment session, especially if you have multiple areas with acne. On average, most people receive 2-3 treatment sessions over 3-4 weeks. When your sessions are complete, studies show that the acne is gone for good. 

Am I a candidate for AGNES for acne?

Most people can safely use radiofrequency microneedling to treat acne. The treatment is best for people who are experiencing:

AGNES is safe for all skin types and tones, but not everyone is a good candidate, including people who are pregnant, have unmanaged diabetes, have certain infectious diseases, use a pacemaker, or have certain medical implants.

The best way to learn if you’re a candidate is by meeting with one of our skin experts. We evaluate your skin and acne as well as your medical history before recommending any treatment. 

Learn how AGNES can help you say goodbye to stubborn acne for good by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone with a provider at Carl N. Williams, Jr. M.D. Hand and Plastic Surgery today.

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