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Am I a Candidate for Hand Surgery?

Am I a Candidate for Hand Surgery?

If you have chronic hand pain and the ability to use your hand is impaired because of an underlying condition, or if you suffer from hand disfigurement, you might be considering hand surgery. But the hand is a complex body part with 27 bones and many ligaments and tendons, and a surgical solution isn’t for everyone. 

At Carl N. Williams Jr., MD, Hand and Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada, our skilled team specializes in diagnosing different conditions that affect your hands and recommending the best solution to meet your needs. For some patients, hand surgery can restore your hand’s function or improve its appearance if you’re struggling with a hand injury, disease, or deformity.  

What conditions may benefit from hand surgery?

Hand surgery can help many different types of conditions and issues related to the hand and fingers. Not all hand conditions require or respond well to surgery, however, so it’s best to meet with a hand specialist to discuss your case. 

Some of the conditions that may benefit from hand surgery include: 

Hand surgery can also improve the look of a hand affected by deformity, disease, degenerative changes, or infection. 

What’s involved with hand surgery?

Hand surgery is an umbrella term with many different types of surgeries falling into the category. The type of surgery you require depends on the nature of the underlying problem. With most types of hand surgery, you can expect your surgeon to keep you comfortable with anesthesia, either local or intravenous depending on the type of surgery you require.

Some of the surgeries performed at Carl N. Williams Jr., MD, Hand and Plastic Surgery include:

Most hand surgeries involve the use of incisions to allow your surgeon access to the damaged area and then sutures or medical adhesive to close the opening once the repairs are complete. 

Is hand surgery the right treatment for me?

Whether you’re a candidate for hand surgery depends on many factors. This is why it’s imperative to meet with an experienced and skilled surgeon for a thorough evaluation. 

At Carl N. Williams Jr., MD, Hand and Plastic Surgery, we assess the function and structure of your hand and listen closely as you describe the history of your hand issues, your symptoms and how they affect your life, and any movements or activities that make your symptoms worse. 

In some cases, we may order additional tests, such as imaging or nerve studies, to help get to the root cause of your hand problem. Based on this information, we create a personalized treatment plan that may include hand surgery. 

If you’re struggling with a debilitating hand condition, contact our team to book a consultation. You can call our Las Vegas office at 702-726-9963 or request an appointment online

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