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Here's How to Prepare for Laser Skin Resurfacing

Here's How to Prepare for Laser Skin Resurfacing

Every year, your body’s natural production of collagen, the protein that helps keep your skin tight and firm, drops off. As a result, your skin changes with lines and wrinkles appearing and deepening. 

Exposure to the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun speeds up these signs of aging and can cause others, like dark spots, to appear. Even pollutants in the air or chemicals in the foods you eat affect the appearance and texture of your skin.  

Scars, pigment problems, and underlying health conditions, such as rosacea, can also impact your skin, making you feel self-conscious about the way you look. Laser skin resurfacing is a surgery-free treatment that improves the look and feel of your skin. 

At Carl N. Williams, Jr. M.D. Hand and Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada, laser skin resurfacing allows our providers to safely and effectively address many skin issues in one treatment — no scalpels or injections required. 

If you’re considering laser skin resurfacing, take a moment to learn about the procedure and how you can prepare for your skin-changing session. 

What you need to know about laser skin resurfacing

Our practice has selected the Fraxel® laser therapy system, which uses fractional photothermolysis for targeted treatment that improves the structure of your skin. 

Fraxel comes with dual wavelength capability, so your provider can use one treatment to tackle skin problems that develop in both the deep and superficial layers of your skin, including: 

Plus, the Fraxel system has important safety features designed to minimize your risk of complications, like blistering or infection. Its cooling technology means you stay comfortable during your session, too.    

How to get ready for laser skin resurfacing

Before your laser skin resurfacing session, you meet with a specialist at Carl N. Williams, Jr. M.D. Hand and Plastic Surgery. Your provider customizes your treatment plan to meet your aesthetic goals and skin requirements. 

Your specialist reviews your medical history, discusses your goals, and evaluates your skin to determine if laser skin resurfacing is the right therapy for your needs. They also go over realistic expectations and any possible risks. 

If laser skin resurfacing is right for you, your provider gives you detailed instructions on how to prepare and what to expect from your session. Always follow your personalized instructions carefully. 

Here are some general guidelines for preparing for your laser skin resurfacing treatment:

Also talk to your Carl N. Williams, Jr. M.D. Hand and Plastic Surgery provider about whether you should stop taking certain medicines. For example, anti-inflammatory drugs can thin your blood and increase your risk of bleeding. 

In addition, if you have a history of viral herpes (cold sores), your provider may prescribe an antiviral medication to take before you undergo laser resurfacing. Patients with other health conditions may need to take additional precautions before treatment. 

 Are you ready for smoother, firmer skin? Schedule an appointment online or over the phone for laser skin resurfacing at Carl N. Williams, Jr. M.D. Hand and Plastic Surgery today.

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