Look Good, Feel Good: Here’s One Way to Restore Your Satisfaction

It happens to all of us. Despite staying on top of our diet and exercising regularly, we often find ourselves battling hard to lose that last couple of pounds or that extra inch or two around our waists. You are not alone, and this problem doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong. The reasons lie in how your body handles weight loss.

Certain areas of your body simply do not respond well to even the most strict and committed health regimens. What’s worse, your body does not destroy fat cells. When you lose weight, your fat cells will shrink — not disappear — meaning the weight can come back, which it often does. However, a long-term solution to fat loss and achieving that toned body you desire does exist.

SculpSure Removes Fat Cells*

That’s right — SculpSure treats fat cells, safely. Using a patented technique which applies laser energy to the underlying skin layers, SculpSure raises the temperature of fat cells beyond their tolerances.* The result — fat cells are melted and your body naturally rids them from your body over time.* Not only have you achieved fat loss, but with fewer fat cells, you can achieve long-term and sustainable weight loss.*

SculpSure, most importantly, doesn’t harm surrounding cells. The treatment can precisely target fat cells and apply the laser energy only at the depth where your fat cells reside, leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.* While delivering heat to the lower layers of your skin, the applicator simultaneously cools the upper layers of your skin providing comfort and safety.

Improve One of the Most Vital Areas of Your Body

For better or worse, people judge you by your abs. This one area of the body frequently becomes the primary indicator of your overall body health. Even if you maintain a healthy diet, if you carry excess weight in your abs, people will often see poor eating habits and poor health, regardless of the truth of the matter. Even if every other area of your body looks great, flabby abs can ruin your look and also your self-confidence.

The opposite is also true — improving this one area can turn your entire look around. When people see fit, toned abs, they automatically see health and fitness, and that translates directly into a confidence boost you can take with you everywhere. SculpSure can help get your abs looking great, but it can also improve other areas around your core such as your love handles, lower back and thighs, giving you all-over tone and confidence.*

A SculpSure Treatment Takes as Long as a Single Workout

How much time does it take you to get ready for a single workout? A single SculpSure treatment takes, on average, 25 minutes. If you can make time in your busy schedule for a workout, you can also make time for a SculpSure treatment. Depending on the amount of fat you have to lose, and what your ultimate goals are, you may need several treatments, and most patients typically do.

However, the results you are likely to see will far exceed the results you would get from a comparable number of workouts.* Remember, SculpSure removes fat cells, not just shrinks them.* This means your weight loss, if properly maintained, can last much longer. SculpSure does not make diet and exercise obsolete — you will need to do both to main your weight loss and health — but combined with the work you already do, you can have the look have long desired and keep it.

What is the value of looking great?

You work hard to look great. You go out of your way to shop for and prepare healthy foods and when you exercise, you push yourself to get those extra gains. Why then would you settle to keep those few extra pounds on? You go to all this work because you want to feel good — and when you look good, you feel good, no matter what you might be wearing.

Let’s face it — health and weight loss can be extremely hard, but the rewards are worth it. If you have almost reached your goals but have struggled to see gains in those last few key areas, you have options. SculpSure provides a safe, fast and effective way to help you achieve your desired look.* Consider SculpSure. You deserve it.

Contact the offices of Dr. Carl Williams at (702) 299-6624 for more detail about how SculpSure can help you reach your weight loss goals and look and feel great.

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