Why Diet and Exercise aren’t Always Enough

Weight loss is a tricky endeavor. Even when you count the calories and the hours you sweat it out at the gym, you may not see the final results you wanted. Small areas of fat can remain even when the scale meets your target number. Loose skin can be another issue, getting in the way of that sleeker, slimmer body contour.

If you are dissatisfied with your weight loss results, even after achieving your goal, the staff at Carl N. Williams Plastic Surgery can help. We offer a variety of body sculpting procedures to put the finishing touches on your weight loss efforts, with long-lasting results.*

Skin Tightening without Surgery

Skin laxity can be a problem after weight loss, as the skin often doesn’t have sufficient time to conform to the slimmer body contour. If you have mild to moderately loose skin, you may be able to smooth out your profile without the need for surgery. ThermiSmooth is a revolutionary treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to firm up the skin on nearly any area of the face or body.* By stimulating the body to produce more collagen, you will see tighter, healthier skin over time.*

ThermiSmooth is a comfortable treatment that does not require any anesthesia or downtime afterward. Results are gradual, developing in the weeks following treatment. Most patients opt for a series of three to six treatment sessions to achieve their full results.

Laser Lipolysis: Less Invasive Fat Reduction

It is not unusual after weight loss to have lingering pockets of stubborn fat that did not diminish with your diet and exercise efforts. While you can continue your weight loss regimen in hopes of finally dissolving those fat deposits, there is a quicker, easier way to eliminate them for good. SculpSure is a nonsurgical method of fat reduction that melts away fat cells using laser energy.* The liquefied fat is disposed of by natural body processes as you say goodbye to those stubborn bulges.*

A SculpSure session does not involve any anesthesia or incisions, and the entire procedure takes just 25 minutes to complete. Patients usually achieve full results after a single treatment session.* Since fat cells are eliminated from the body, results are considered long-lasting so long as you maintain your healthy weight.* The laser energy may also result in mild skin tightening to produce an even smoother outcome.*

Proven Results with Liposuction

Larger deposits of fat may require a surgical solution to help you achieve your fully sculpted, leaner body profile. For these patients, Dr. Williams offers liposuction, a procedure that suctions away isolated areas of fat from the body. Liposuction is appropriate for nearly any area of the body, allowing Dr. Williams to tailor your procedure to your precise needs and desired results.

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure that can be performed using general or local anesthesia, depending on how much fat you want to eliminate. A tumescent solution is infused into the treatment area, making the enlarged fat cells easier to remove.* Dr. Williams will make small incisions to allow for insertion of a narrow cannula into the fat deposit. The cannula loosens the fat cells before suctioning them away. Patients can return to their daily activities within a matter of days.

Surgical Correction for Loose Skin

If you have lost a substantial amount of weight quickly, through your dieting efforts or bariatric surgery, you may find loose folds of skin are left behind. The excess skin can be both unsightly and uncomfortable, preventing you from enjoying your weight loss achievement to the fullest. When the extra skin is significant, surgical excision may be the only way to eliminate it and create a sleeker body contour.*

Dr. Williams offers different procedures for this purpose, including a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or thigh lift. If upper body sculpting is needed, breast reduction or a lift may be offered, as well as an arm lift to remove excess skin underneath the upper arm. While these surgeries involve extensive incisions and a recovery period, the results are both dramatic and long-lasting.* Dr. Williams will take care to place incisions where visible scarring after surgery will be safely hidden under surgery. He will also give you post-operative instructions to make the recuperation process both comfortable and successful.

You worked hard to get the weight off, so don’t let less than stellar results keep you from enjoying your achievement to the fullest. If deposits of fat or loose skin are getting in the way of your leaner look, solutions are available. Schedule your consultation today by phoning Carl N. Williams MD Plastic Surgery at 702-259-3223.

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